Materials you will need:

· 1 Band-Aid® with a black Mickey Mouse on it.¹

· The .txt document that has been rewritten in step 5

Step 1: Prepare your materials

Step 2: Go into a dark place, prefferably a bathroom or closet, but wherever you go DO NOT (and I repeat) DO NOT have a direct sightline to the moon.

Step 3: Close all the doors connecting you to the outside for god's sake and if possible lock them.

Step 4: Stare into something reflective so you can see everything behind you.

Step 5: Whisper ¾ of the following below in any order:

1. Llll cahff aimgr'luhh Y' uln goober wacky game orr'euh'e yeeognge kids.

2. Llll cahff aimgr'luhh Y' uln specifically goober wacky game orr'euh'e himself ng mg demon mgahehyee.

3. Llll cahff aimgr'luhh Y' uln goober back hup daemon realm l' haunt nilgh'ri ya loved ehye's orr'ee.

4. Llll cahff aimgr'luhh Y' ah'n'gha ya.

Step 6: Rip open the Band-Aid® very quickly and be prepared to run.

Step 7: Once you see the flash, run out of the room you are in immidieatly and close the door behind you. If you feel any resistance against the door hold it back with all your strengh.

Step 8: Wait for 1-2 weeks, in some scenarios you will have to wait months.

Step 9: Open the door.

Step 10: Open the door.

Step 11: Open the door.

Step 12: Open the door.

Step 13: Open the door.

Step 14: Open the door.

Step 15: Open the door.

Step 27: Congratulations! You have succsessfuly summoned Goober the wacky game ghost 4 kids into your home!

Step 28: Congratulations! You won!


¹ The reason you need a Band-Aid® with a black Mickey Mouse on it is because if you do not you will summon a different tortured soul.